Monday, February 4, 2008

Taiwan Cherries

There's enough pink here to tell spring is coming.

I pruned some loropetalums today that have grown into trees. They were hanging over the shy 'Juanita' daffodils, so I hacked them back, pruning the bottoms into tree forms. Loropetalums have little fuchsia fringes of blooms already, too, except for the two I planted in what was to be the 'red bed' last summer. They have no leaves, but the stems are still green when one is nipped off and there are little buds. They're in a bare area beside a 40 acre field to the north across which the coldest winds blow.

I planted 16 lilies. When they bloom, I'll wish there were 10 times that. It isn't too late to buy more.


  1. Jean, I am so jealous!

    It just hasn't been that long ago that you were posting pictures of the things still blooming and here you are talking about the new growth of Spring. It's snowing on us today in the northlands. Sigh.

    I'd love to see the loropetalums when they bloom.

  2. I have purchased a box of lilies from Sams.
    My Daylilies are putting up foliage. I have many that are evergreen, and so they are always here, but the dormant ones are waking up now. It seems a bit early.


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