Monday, February 25, 2008

The Weather Is Warm; the Old Age Truck Is on the Prowl

There's a Far Side cartoon that is my favorite, in two frames. There's a man about to step off a curb, and a truck is turning the corner. In the second frame, the man is flat in the street and the truck is now in full view past the man, with "Old Age Truck" in big letters on the side. The caption says, "You never see it coming."

It was so nice out. I found so many little tasks to do that taken collectively leave me feeling like I've had a good bump by the Old Age Truck, especially in the sacro-iliac. I rememeber when I thought sacro-iliac was a joke. It isn't, and we have two of them, one joint on each side of the sacrum.

Despite all the whining, 9 yellow daylily clumps now adorn the Yellow Roses bed where the Chicken Rose is to go. Others have been divided and lined up to edge long beds. Many more to go, but it's a start. It's hard to stop when you're on a roll. When you're digging, other things turn up. A bit of salvia leucantha with green shoots came up with a daylily. That was cause for stopping to divide that into a big, and one tiny, cutting in pots for later use. Then four daffodils came up with another daylily, causing another side stop for replanting elsewhere.

All this, and the temperature is predicted to fall to 25 degrees on Wednesday night. All those lilies that have peeped out of the ground will need covering if we want blossoms. Don't they KNOW it isn't spring yet? We'll be flinging mulch in every direction!


  1. I think the "old age truck" is a cruelty joke!

  2. Those hyacinths on your header are Gorgeous!!

  3. I keep trying to dodge that truck! I love the Camellia, I don't think it's gaudy at all.



    p.s. just found your blog through Junie.

  4. I`ve bee looking at some of your pictures now. Lovely flowers. Flowers are essential in my life. Yours too, i guess. ;) I am impressed by the Hyacinth that`s blooming at your place already.
    Their smell is heavenly! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love your writing! Beautiful blog.


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