Thursday, March 13, 2008


I recently divided some echinacea and purple daylilies to fill a space in what I call the Pink Circle. The Pink Circle has a round lawn about 20 feet in diameter surrounded by mostly cream/pale apricot/pink/fuchsia/lavender/purple flowers.

Yesterday I read that spring blooming flowers should be divided in fall, and fall bloomers in spring. It is almost time to divide Salvia leucantha, which blooms a bit in spring but saves the "reelly beeg shew" for fall. Little shoots are appearing under the mulch, eager to greet the warm sun. I saw sprouts of anise hyssop when I was planting foxtail lilies from Janie this morning.

An hydrangea that was scalped by the lawn mower two weeks ago has fresh foliage. I found a note to cut hydrangea serrata to the ground; can't remember why I wrote that. I think maybe it blooms on new growth.

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