Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome Back, Humman

He's Back! No, the late Senator Talmadge has not returned from the grave. I was working in the little ruins bed next to the biggest camellia bush/tree when I heard, "Whum!" and looked into the bush to see a hummingbird has returned and was nectaring on camellia blooms. I finished planting white snapdragons and purple daylilies, watered and mulched and went inside to heat leftover pizza and boil sugar water for the hummers.

There was a huge woodpecker under a pecan tree this morning. He was walking around on the ground, pecking, and looked like a small turkey with a red head. After my attempt at photos through the window screen was a disaster, he flew when I went outside. He went across the highway into a big oak tree. Mockingbirds followed, screeching. He drummed once once on a hollow limb and they fled, screeching, back to the front yard.

The other beauty I saw was a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. If there weren't so many chores to do, I'd just go outside and sit, camera at the ready. A camera outside when I'm working would tend to get full of dirt.


  1. That means they will be here soon so I better get the feeder cleaned up and filled. Sounds like you had an exciting day with all that activity!

  2. When I looked out my window this morning I saw 6 inches of snow ... :)

  3. Our dogwoods are blooming, azaleas are in full glory! Your garden is so lovely! It must be difficult to know what to look at next.

  4. Hummingbirds and butterflies, how wonderful! Here we're having snow at the mo, which is special too as we hardly ever get any.

  5. Oh That Reminds me I need to place some sugar water in my hummer feeder... Glad I found your blog...


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