Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yesterday I noticed yellow flowers that I did not plant, beginning to open. A closer look noted that the tubular flowers were above cutleaf foliage that resembled small blue-green parsley leaves.

Yellow Corydalis!
(Corydalis flavula (Yellow Fumewort, Yellow Harlequin; a plant native to the United States. Corydalis species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Silver-ground Carpet and Mnemosyne butterfly). USDA Plants Database

It's shown in some sources as being a member of the Papaveracea family, Fumitory family in others. It doesn't resemble a poppy, but it's about to bloom with California poppies.


  1. Pretty!

    I like the photo of the metal glider in your side bar, my aunt use to have one of those, except hers was yellow..:)

  2. My California poppies are not near blooming yet.

    I have been leaving the weed "beggar's lice" to remain in some of my beds to protect some tender plants. It pulls easily, it has no roots!

    I envy your little yellow flowers. Very pretty.


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