Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was I Promised a Rose Garden?

Charisma floribunda

Eclipse hybrid tea

Gene Boerner floribunda

Rose de Rescht portland

Livin' Easy floribunda

Reine des Violettes

...and of course I have the requisite 'Knockout' and my all-time favorite, Peace, which was introduced the year I was born.
When I prune, I can't help myself, I must stick some cuttings. Sometimes they actually root.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's a Gap in My Spring

We went out of town to a funeral and I returned home ill, finally pneumonia. I missed two weeks of blooms, confined to the house and too sick to really notice, except I looked out the window now and then and saw the first lilies come into bloom.

Most of the early poppies bloomed without me. Roses came into bloom without my help, as did sweet peas. I ventured out lately and cut the seed pods off the sweet peas and they are about to bloom again. Weeds are getting ahead in some places, but most spots are planted too thick and the weeds have a hard time competing. Chickweed has gone to seed and died out; I'll deal with it next year.

With help, the four tomatoes I grew from seed and kept bumping up until they filled gallon pots are planted in the ground along with 4, count 'em, four zuchinni plants. I overseeded the veggie bed with giant orange marigolds and put tithonia seeds on the end for the butterflies.

The GH seedlings and cuttings that I thought only I could take care of survived with watering by someone who knew nothing about watering, but was willing -- I think that's the secret, after all.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wish You Were Here

My brother used to go to Savannah (from Atlanta) every March just to make sure that Spring was on the way.
I wish you all could come to visit here to see spring in the smallest details.

I would show you what I found this morning:
The first gaillardia blossom
The first Gerbera daisy
Open blooms on Knockout
One white rosebud on 'Sombreuil'
Emerging foliage on Persian Sheild
All the little clumps of Bath's Pinks in bloom
Fat buds on the asiatic lilies

I would show you the carpet of petals underneath this wisteria as it starts to shed, just since yesterday:

I would show you larkspur and poppies coming into bud with similar seedlings just coming up in other places.
We could talk about the 7 buds on a long rose cane I pulled over and tied so it would throw new sprouts.

You'd get so tired, I'd have to let you sit here and rest while I pulled weeds and tree seedlings:

Coming soon to your garden, too. Spring!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Closing the Show

The lovely Salome closes out the season.
Hawera has been the showiest of the small daffodils.
Jack Snipe made foliage and failed to appear.
Fruit Cup is a bust.
Many of the late-planted mixed daffodils are still putting out blossoms.
The azaleas are at their peak; the white are already taking leave. Waiting in the wings are poppies, roses and lilies. There's already an open rose on Knockout, of course, a beautiful cherry red but only a preview of the wonders to come.

Hydrangeas and daylilies will follow the rose/lily show.