Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bouquet on a Stick

About forty years ago, a neighbor planted the first tree rose we'd ever seen, a marvelous tall trunk with a huge blooming cluster of apricot colored roses on top. One child ran all the way home and shouted, "Mama, Mama! Mr. John planted a bouquet on a stick!"

I still don't have a tree rose, but I do have 'verbena on a stick.' Unlike the low growing, spreading verbenas we've always planted, Verbena bonariensis grows taller than me. It forms a scrim through which to view other flowers in a bed.


  1. Oh your photos are beautiful.
    I love your header photo too!

    I'll be back to look some more!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! The verbena on a stick is a plant I've never heard of before.

  3. Love your Verbena bonariensis! I can't get a decent photo of mine. The background is too jumbled.

  4. The verbena bonariensis is a weed here. I had thought that it was a native to our area, as it grows wonderfully wildly in our ditches and pastures, but it is actually a native of South America.

    It is now cultivated in many areas of the country and I know Park Seed Co. does sell the seeds.

    TAMU was doing some research on it, to put it on the market I think. I wonder if they hybridized it.

    Love your pictures. I can't say that enough. I want to walk through your gardens. I know I would learn a lot!


  5. The effect of the verbena is striking - very pretty. Is all verbena purple/lavender?


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