Saturday, May 17, 2008

So Little Thyme

The little sign in my herb garden says, "So Many Weeds, So Little Thyme" -- actually there are 3 little thymes, hardly visible in this photo.

There's also oregano, parsley, echinacea, gaillardia, violas, rose campion, rosemary, culinary sage and pineapple sage, not to mention the plants around the edges.

The calendulas that I sowed last November in the outer quadrants were a bust. They came up fine, but never thrived. They're coming out as soon as I decided what's to follow. The echinacea and gaillardia are self planted, not part of the plan. I tend to let things grow that do it with such gusto, not to include weeds.


  1. Don't you love to walk around in this garden? I bet you can brush those plants and get the fragrance to moving- I would just love it!


  2. Just lovely....I have a rosemary also....and I haven't bumped it off yet!!!! maybe, just maybe my thumb will turn a different color.


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