Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden Fairy Tale I

I tell myself fairy tales when I'm planting:
"This will be just beautiful and everything will bloom at the same time, all summer long," is my favorite.

Today's fairy tale is about a white crape myrtle that remained far too long in a pot while I decided where it was to go. In a word, it was abused. Sometimes I forgot to water it. Meanwhile, a similar one florished on the south side of the yard.

Lately, I decided the little crape should go at the end of the yellow rose bed which is just getting established and has little to show off, so far. The other day when I went to water the little crape, I noticed it had buds all over. Now it has an open blossom.

The fairy tale I told myself is that in a year or two it will be as big as this one, and bloom with yellow roses and yellow daylilies as well as Black eyed Susans.


  1. What a lovely story, if you think it and then believe it ... it will happen.


  2. Fairy Tales always have happy endings. I had a crepe myrtle that was destroyed in a hurricane, or so I thought. It resprouted from the roots that we left in the ground and now it is doing very well.


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