Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lists of Combos

I'm making lists while the weather is not conducive to working outside. It's like a steambath, the humidity is so high. Next year's beds will have the following, with more intensive plantings:

Verbena bonariensis, Salvia coccinea, Zinnias, Alternanthera, both red and chartreuse. The red is just starting to show color, will be vivid red soon.

Scott Ogden's book on Bulbs for the South and Christopher Lloyd's book on Succession Planting have given me ideas for putting bulbs that bloom in different seasons in one bed: Early bulbs like Hyacinths and Narcissus, followed by Amaryllis, then Agapanthus. In the fall Lycoris blooms with bare stems and the foliage that follows stays green all winter. There are others that could be tucked in there, too.


  1. Glad to see someone else is already thinking about next year. It's too hot here to enjoy being outside for any length of time...and I love hot weather. Oh well, except for the laughter of the weeds, I'm okay with staying under the A/C for now. Great fall weather is coming soon.

  2. I love your lists. I always get great inspiration from them.

    I have a 'Stars and Stripes' crinum with a tag on it that says, "Nell". It should go nicely in there somewhere.


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