Friday, September 26, 2008

Moving In

It's still warm out, but I'm moving plants back into the greenhouse.

First to go in are some gingers I dug, the heliconia that begged to come home with me from HD, and a Black Magic colocasia that was not thriving in the yard. I struggled with three big pots of night blooming cereus to jockey them into position where some of the long shoots can climb my epi tree. There are a few buds; we'll see if they can bloom inside. I've never had one bloom inside before.

More to come on GH fun later. I forgot to tell about the cuttings: pentas, alternanthera, gardenia, white shrimp plant and so on.


  1. I love your greenhouse and I know how much you wanted one, happy to see you enjoying it :)

  2. Wow! Your greenhouse is neat! I bet it is full for winter. We are going to start on ours as soon as DH gets done with this shutdown.

    I think this is going to be an early, cold, long winter.

    Planning time.

    I forgot to tell you that we had Stoksia for sale at the plant sale. I was so pleased, and felt lucky to be able to tell everybody about it. Also, I shared that it was the best plant in the sale!

    We sold out quickly!

  3. Hi Nell! I'm glad I came here and found what you're putting in your green house. That looks like a fun place to be.

    I am just starting to try blogging. I had DH take a pic of me, but I haven't put it on yet. I am just figuring out how to put pics up without them splitting into 2.

    Sue from Cottage Gardening


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