Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Butterflies

Late summer, butterflies seem happy enough if they have Porterweeds (stachytarpheta), Pentas (egyptian starflower), and Lantana. They appreciate zinnias and tithonia, if you have them. The storm, Fay, did away with most of my tithonia.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I love anything that deals with the appreciation of the environment and love of earth. I wouldn't call myself a person whom has a green thumb, but I am slowly learning how to plant different herbs. Great blog.

  2. I love all the colors in your garden, here we are going into Fall already, with the blooms dying back and a touch of color appearing on the trees.

  3. I'll grow Tithonia next year, too, so we can tell Fay it's gonna come back stronger than ever.


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