Monday, September 8, 2008

Yet to Bloom

  • Salvia leucantha has buds opening; Pineapple sage is yet to bloom
  • Acidanthera (Abyssinian Gladioli)
  • Lycoris radiata is already blooming.
  • Haven't seen signs of yellow lycoris yet, or of sternbergia.
  • Cassia alata, or Senna alata -- candlesticks -- are yet to bloom.

  • Goldenrods, asters and agalinis are yet to bloom in the meadows.
    Silk Grass has started to bloom.

  • I think deer have eaten all the berries off sumac at wood's edge.
  • Baccharis blooms later.

    I like fall.

    1. I love Fall! The only thing blooming here are the mums.

    2. May I ask... what "zone" are your in?


    3. I'm about as far south as you can go in Georgia without going to Florida, zone 8b.

      Many plants that are rated for zone 9 will return here despite being nipped back by frost.

    4. We just got the first shipment of mums in at WalMart. They are always so pretty when they first come in.

      Do any lilies bloom in fall, or is my old memory playing tricks on me. It seems like some of mine do bloom in fall. I could be mistaken?

      LOL, probably so.


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