Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Atrium Garden at Community Health and Rehab

We went to visit a relative near Panama City, FL. I thought of taking the camera, decided to take only memories because of the declining health of the resident. What I didn't expect was the beautiful Atrium Garden off the lobby of the nursing home. When I got home, I jotted down some notes about what I saw, to share.

Open air garden enclosed by the building on four sides. Double doors on the north end open into the garden. Clipped hedge along the north wall.

West wall has a display case with seasonal garden accessories: in October, fall harvest figures and faux fall leaves. Among the plants along this wall were agapanthus and what I believe to be duranta.

South wall has long raised planter with mostly purple heart -- a wall of purple heart to the ground -- and some some wandering jew. Elephant ears in the ground, peeking through the purple heart.
Large queen palm in the SE corner, other small palms around.

East wall has windows for viewing from the lobby, low plants under the window, dwarf azaleas among others. Many containers, including a Christmas cactus not yet in bud.

Center area is surrounded by a walkway wide enough for a wheelchair. There are two park benches for visitors to sit along the west wall. In the center is a live oak tree in one end, large fountain in front of the window. There was a colorful metal rooster on a post past the fountain.

Many crotons
Syngonium climbing the tree and in containers
Mexican heather
Crinums, or a similar plant.
Agapanthus, past bloom, just heads, on West wall
Impatiens around the fountain, very colorful
Different coleus plants in magenta, purples and greens
Lime and black sweet potato vines run rampant over the ground, especially on the more sunny north end.

Several different cultivars of Begonias in containers and baskets hang from the tree
Hydrangea in a large container by the window on the east wall, smaller hydrangeas in the ground.
I did not identify all the shrubs.
Persian Shield was winding down the season.

Next time I'll put a camera in the car.

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