Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Briar Patch

Knockout and Pink Knockout planted this year in the rose/pink Rose Bed. I think the bunny needs lily companions in the spring, and the whole bed needs an edging of rosemary or red alternanthera. Other roses in this bed include Belinda's Dream, Rose de Rescht and Reine des Violettes.

You know I didn't think of this all by myself. Rick & Tee have a 'briar patch' photo at their daylily site with a bunny statue in a daylily bed. I thought, 'What better place for my bunny than in a rose bed?'


  1. LOL, Nell, I would not have a bunny decorating my garden, but I do like your ideas for what to put with yours. I love rosemary, but have to overwinter it inside. Usually, rosemary doesn't bloom here, but for the last couple of years, my prostrate, or creeping, (not sure which) rosemary has bloomed. It did the best at overwintering in the house, too.

    It might be fun for you to plant different kinds of rosemary.

    I have some rosemary springs, sage, chives, and thyme from my garden in a turkey breast, convection baking in my oven for supper tonight.

  2. I love the bunny with the roses! My cascading rosemary has been blooming for over a month now. It's really huge -- probably 4 feet across. I divided my chives. Not sure if that was good or not, but I thought that if I'm planting allium soon, why not divide my chives? Chives overwinter just fine and I love the flavor of the blooms. Cameron

  3. Hi! Thanks for browsing my site! Actually our Briar Patch has 20 or so bunnies hopping around. Every once in a while one will get out and roam the gardens, but for the most part they pretty well stay put. ;o)
    Along with over 200 daylilies and other perennials in that bed we have three knockout roses. They were planted several years ago, so they have become quite large. The younger bunnies love to play hide and seek around the roses.

    Happy Gardening!
    Ric-A-Tee Daylily Gardens


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