Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chores and Plans

Monday I tore out the rock wall on the front of the Rock Wall Bed and tapered down the front of the bed reaching to the row of 'Salmon Sheen' daylilies. I left the stones that were too heavy to roll out of the bed. By time to scatter half-hardy annual seeds, the encroaching grass will be gone from the daylilies. Kniphofia needs dividing and half the clump moved to the opposite end.

The new book on tropicals by Pam Baggett arrived today. I'm making lists of combos using what I have. It was surprising how many of the plants she recommends are already here, including Strobilanthes, Hedychium coronaria, Tecoma stans, Salvia leucantha, Canna 'Bengal Tiger' and Alternanthera ficoidea. Lantana, ricinus, pentas and curcuma are others that I grow.

I'm still working on the epi tree in the greenhouse. Maybe it will be finished before the night blooming cereus blooms. It looks as if the first blossom open will be soon. It was too hot this afternoon to climb a ladder to glue on the rest of the Polypodium polypodioides.

I dug some lilies for the Briar Patch and put them in the fridge to chill for a few weeks. Lilies tend to want to emerge early here, before they have a chance to form buds.


  1. Sounds like a lot of work but you have it all figured out.
    You're a better gardener than I.
    Have fun.

  2. What did you do with the rock wall? I loved the rock wall.....

  3. oops! I didn't mean to post that just yet!

    On the other hand, what a wonderful, big, ready built bed, where those rocks were.

    I have been catching up here. I need some of your energy and enthusiasm.

    What about the epi tree? I looked, but didn't find where you explained about that. What kinds of epis are you using?

    I LOVE the Briar Patch! And I LOVE the bunny there!

  4. Hi Nell,
    You sure have been busy! While I didn't recognize some of the flowers you're thinking about planting, I did the red hot poker. I have a couple clumps to divide, too. I have decided to wait until spring so I can take a few to the annual plant sale I donate to.

  5. Great plans! I'll have to look up that book, although my tropicals have to overwinter... my piles of mulch that I put over the colocasia and brugs last year worked out. My ginger comes back, as do my cannas without lifting. Looking forward to seeing more of your results. Cameron


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