Monday, October 20, 2008

More about Epiphyllum Oxypetalum

Last night when I went to bed, the blooms were not fully open.

This morning I was surprised they were still wide open; the summer blooms wilted shortly after daybreak. I wonder if it is the cool night, or failure of pollination. When they opened, the greenhouse doors were closed.


  1. Such beautiful blooms! They are truly exquisite.

  2. What location is suitable for a small greenhouse -- north, south, east, west orientations? I could probably hide a small closet sized greenhouse from my HOA if it could go on the west side of the house.

  3. The down side to placing a GH on the west side of the house is that the house may shade it, so your plants don't get morning sun.

    The best news is, the sun in the west will keep the GH warmer later in the day as temperatures begin to fall. The sun is going to be low in the south in winter, anyhow.

  4. The blooms of the cerus are spectacular. Mine must be in a deep funk, as it has not bloomed for 2 years. I wonder what would bring it to bloom? Perhaps it has too much nitrogen in the pot with it. Doubtful, as I have not fed it for awhile. Maybe if I fed it, it might bloom for me? What is your secret?


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