Friday, October 3, 2008

Palamedes Swallowtail

Yesterday I saw a beautiful Palimedes Swallowtail, posed just so on some pentas. I watched him for the longest; here, there, everywhere, perfectly displayed. Bright gold and black, he looked newly hatched.

THEN I went for the camera and returned. He went wild. Flew high, darted through the shrubbery, zipped past the best flowers, returned to the pentas for a fraction of a second, disappeared.

I turned off the camera. He came back. I turned the camera back on. He high-fived a Gulf Frit and disappeared.

There's no photo for this post.


  1. Butterflies aren't always great models for our photos! If my shadow crosses over them, they dart away. Some are just too busy to stay still, too. Cameron

  2. Hi Nell,
    This is lvtgrdn from Cottage Gardens. I have experienced the same thing from butterflies, too, especially Monarchs. Now, the bees let me get real close!

    I have been reading your blog by using a bookmark, but now that I've started a blog, I became a follower. Would you rather have me do it anonymously? Sue


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