Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Look into the Greenhouse

I re-arranged everything so that I can walk on the pavers all the way around inside, and reach everything, by putting the kitchen cart and a rough little table in the center.

Pentas are blooming, even tiny cuttings. There's a bud on some pineapple sage cuttings. I'm bringing in all the clay pots I can find to add thermal mass. When we cleaned out the old barn, I found two bonsai containers I thought I'd left behind years ago when we moved. I'm not a fan of bonsai, but I love the containers.


  1. It looks good to me! I see lots of green, flourishing plants in there. It's always a good feeling to be able to get to your plants. I have to be careful how I arrange the plants in my garden window, but still need to move a plant or two when I water.

  2. WOW, your greenhouse looks so wonderful. You've really gotten going on it.

    We're still have a lot of warm days and sunshine up here. I know that's about to change.

    Our house is passive solar. So, we can sit out on our front porch at 8:30am on a sunny winter day. It was 36 degrees "outside" but it was 80 degrees on our front porch. My coleus are very happy there!


  3. I LOVE your greenhouse, what a wonderful place to spend time in.

  4. It always takes time to get everything arranged, or re-arranged. I seem to have to do it all over again every year.

    I have been given a cutting of a cerus that the lady swears is a RED night blooming cerus. Have you ever heard of one? I have not, but I have not done any research on them yet.

    You are likely to have a 'jungle' at the end of winter there. What is on the floor, in the way of paving materials?

  5. Thank you for the kind comments, all.
    Janie, I never heard of a red night blooming cactus, but I've seen red cacti larger than a Christmas cactus, but blooming for a longer period of time. We'll have to research that.

    The floor -- there are pavers that form a rectangle for the path around inside. Up the middle of the center are two 'roll-up' paths made of wood slats. They came from Harbor Freight and were imported from RUSSIA. The heat-sink barrels sit on pavers pieced with brick to fit the space, and the legs of the potting bench sit on pavers. Everywhere else is covered with cypress mulch for utility and stones and seashells along the edges for show.


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