Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bulbs: Promise of Spring

I looked at the foliage of Crinums, Calla lilies, Agapanthus, Amaryllis and Lycoris this afternoon, knowing that a killing frost will take most of them out soon, until warm weather comes again and brings summer blooms. Well, not lycoris radiata; it has nice dark green foliage all winter, great for edging beds.

Then I came inside and ordered Lilies and other treats from Van Engelen's 40% off sale. I skipped the daffodiils; bought a few earlier that I have not yet planted. There are a few tulips in pots chilling in the extra fridge. I did order 10 Festival Blue Hyacinths just to try, those that are supposed to resemble the old hyacinths we used to grow when I was a kid.

Lilies, love those lilies: 5 pink asiatics, 5 pink LAs, 5 cerneum species, for the pink rose bed I call the Briarpatch.

More yellow Dazzle for the front islands, they did so well in previous years we need more.

More Orania; both the butterflies and I found it irresistable.
'Orania' means something like, 'A gift from the Heavens' and is one of the muses.

Another colorful Orienpet called 'Touching' for the upper garden and to make my order meet the minimum, 5 Calla aethiopica to pot and force in the greenhouse.


  1. I too ordered from VE and their 40% off sale. I was very excited!

    Dazzle was one choice, along with some that I have not grown before. Two different Asiatics, and some of the 'Algarve' (LA), that I also have not grown before. I ordered several of the cerneum/species lilies to give as gifts. I got a notice that they were shipped today.

    I also have my ranunculus to put in. I waited for cooler weather to plant, so they wouldn't sprout on me before spring, but I can put them in the ground now. I need to do it before the weekend.

    Will you explain how you plant your lilies? Do you feed them when you plant?
    I want them to be gorgeous!

  2. Algarve was one of my choices, too. Just dig a hole and drop them in. They do love compost, if you have some handy.


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