Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dog Hut, Transformed

Inky's new digs:

Inky was living atop the Dog Hut in a cardboard box, until the weather turned nasty after he returned from his little expedition. He now has a secure bed inside the Dog Hut. When warm weather comes again, we may have to add a penthouse, especially if we find a puppy.

Inky caught another squirrel late this afternoon. We were working under the open tractor shed, when I looked down to see a squirrel scurrying across the dirt floor. He ran under the truck with Inky in hot pursuit. Sounds of squealing, then Inky emerged with the squirrel in his mouth. He strode down the driveway, with purpose, and disappeared beyond the camellia bush.


  1. I'm glad Inky's back, ans hope he appreciates his new digs!

  2. I'm holding a sleeping baby and typing with one hand, which explains the "ans". ;o)

  3. Nell -- that looks like a fine, warm "cat hut" to me! :-)

    Sue -- I got your comments on my posts last night. You must have been up late with the sleeping babe! So sweet.



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