Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fauna of the Greenhouse

Doodle bugs keep making holes in the floor of the greenhouse and kicking the cypress mulch out of their way. I wonder what the natural enemies of doodlebugs are? For those who missed the childhood joy of encouraging doodlebugs from their cone-shaped holes, antlion is the proper common name, and are of the family Myrientomata.

I learned more about antlions at 'The Antlion Pit' that I ever wanted to know. I was interested to learn that they do sting. I don't remember that we ever touched one, as children, we just stirred in the hole with a grass stem and intoned, "Doodlebug, doodlebug, come out of your hole," which they did. They do eat ants, of which we have an abundance if they eat fireants.

We have anoles and tiny green tree frogs galore, to Inky's delight. Today bumblebees kept coming in the open doors to get to the Pentas blooms.

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  1. I can't help you there, but Larry's family used to have some in front of the house. I don't know if they are there anymore, as there are some bushes there now. I thought they were cool, but didn't know they could become pests. They probably don't here, where the winters are cold.

    I hope yours don't take over.


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