Thursday, November 13, 2008

Late Butterflies

This morning I saw bright yellow Sulphurs, a Dogface Sulphur, a couple of Gulf Fritillaries and a Painted Lady.

Here are a the Frits and a Yellow Sulphur.

The Painted Lady was a challenge to catch, and then he seemed to stay and pose:

Salvia coccinea, considered weedy in some parts of Texas but well behaved here, is still here in spite of light frosts last week. A few lantana blooms remain.


  1. How long do the lantana usually bloom there? Do they just go dormant for a awhile, die back, or are they evergreen?

  2. Salvia coccinea is definitely aggressive here! It is about 3' tall outside my window, but it entices butterflies and hummingbirds alike, so I don't mind too much. It reseeds itself freely, and blooms most of the year here.


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