Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scattering Seeds

If you didn't scatter saved seeds in September, then November is the time, according to William Lanier Hunt, whose book is my reference for such things. It's an old book, but then I plant old-fashioned seeds.

I've already planted a mixture of seeds in what was to have been the Red Bed -- now the fiesta bed and Spring will be a fiesta if all those seeds come up and bloom.

In the Ruins Beds next the carport:
  • Antirrhinum Tequila Sunrise -- 'An excellent new snapdragon for bedding... with shimmering bronze foliage accompanied by vivid blooms produced in profusion....'
  • Viola Bambini Mixed -- '...clothed in petite flowers of pink, apricot, yellow, red, bronze, lavender and copper, each with attractive, whiskered faces.'

    Behind those I scattered
  • a few white Corn Poppy seed I saved in the Spring, and
  • Pink and Orange Breadseed poppies mixed.
    Somehow the pink and orange got mixed. I figured they mixed anyhow, since they were planted near one another, so it shouldn't matter.

    In the bed formerly known as the Rock Wall Bed before I tumbled the wall down, I planted, back to front:
  • Corn poppies -- I meant these to be at the front, but failed to follow my written plan.
  • Mixed pink and orange Poppy Somniferum -- the same as the ones in the bed above.
  • Bachelor's Buttons 'Black Ball' and
  • Mexican Hats sprinkled around here and there.
  • California poppies toward the front and
  • Larkspur between the rocks.
    Crocosmia will go in front of the rocks behind the row of Salmon Sheen daylilies that are already there.

    Lots of orange in this bed; orange roses across the back; kniphofia in late spring.

    1. I'm really excited about scattering seeds this year. I'm not sure of my results, but it's so much fun. It keeps me interested in the garden this time of year.

      My poppies are already showing some fuzz. My allium bulbs are poking through the soil already.


    2. I am rushing out every morning to look for little seedlings!

      I want to see pictures of these beds! They sound wonderful, especially the pink and orange poppies. I am going to throw some of those seeds tomorrow.

    3. I'm so glad Cameron featured your blog on her site today. It's always nice to find other gardeners to visit and share ideas with. I've scattered cleome and morning glory seeds in some unusual places this fall. If they grow I will have a lovely garden along the pasture fences.

    4. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the area when they come up. I think it will be full and colorful! I have been cutting stems with seeds and scattering them around in my new bed. I hope some of the germinate!


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