Saturday, December 13, 2008

Butterfly Stamps

Deborah of Corridors awarded me this pretty stamp, which came to her from Ann. I traced it back through a bunch of Blogs and never found the original designer. What made me curious is the wording, "the Coolest Blog I Ever Know." Was that intentional, garbled in translation or what? It's a beautiful stamp and I've found it on too many blogs to count.

I made my own Butterfly Stamp to award back to Deborah and to bloggers of my choice when I get around to it, in two sizes.

I'll figure out the details of getting the Awards forwarded to everybody soon. I read one post where somebody was sharply criticized for deciding to just keep the Award and not send it on to others. I'm afraid of being chided for sending it during this busy season, so i might wait until the New Year.

Thank you, Deborah, for including me.


  1. Jean, It's so nice to meet you and I am enjoying looking through your blogs. Thanks for the butterfly stamp - I DO LOVE butterflies!!! I'll be reading more of your blogs & hope you have time to visit me again. I wish you a very Merry Christmas season. Mildred

  2. Jean,

    It takes patience to try to track some of these awards, pretty as they are - I wouldn't even attempt it. lol

    I think personalized ones are the best way to go, in that way, you can design it to specifically compliment a blogger and/or group of bloggers according to their works.

    I need to make about a few special awards to pass out after Christmas.

    Thanks for making the award, I'll put it in my side bar in a day or two.

    Christmas is almost here and I hope that everyone has a joyous season.

    p.s. I would wait about sending around awards too - around the Thanksgiving - Christmas season most bloggers are AWOL.



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