Monday, December 29, 2008

Paperwhites Inside and Out

This year's forced paperwhites are now in bloom. If they're allowed to get dry (no water in the stones that support them), they lie down. A good watering brings them upright again.

Many writers advise to toss bulbs after they've been forced. I plant mine. Sometimes they take a year to recover, but they'll come back, no need to waste them.

Inky shows off the first blossom, outside.


  1. Wow! You did a great job on them. Gorgeous blooms...

  2. I did not know to plant them after they've bloomed. I usually thew them away. I'll try that this year. Thanks for the tip. I don't grow them often indoors. My wife finds their smell to be too strong.

  3. My mother had some paperwhite bulbs that she forgot to plant a few years back. She found them in the spring and they were still alive so she stuck them in an old whiskey barrel by her garage door and forgot about them. They came back the next year and bloomed in February or March for the next few years until a heavy freeze finally finished them off. They are not supposed to survive a zone 7 winter but those bulbs lived through at least three.


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