Monday, December 15, 2008

Real Seed Scattering

Today I took seeds left from previous years and this past season, mixed some in a bowl and scattered over the area where the old barn stood. It took some time to prepare the site because the soil had settled under the barn. DH brought in soil from where the topsoil removed from the driveway some years back had been piled, and then leveled it all. There was a big rain last week, that settled the new site.

I scratched up the dirt with a couple of rakes before I started scattering. Once the bowl of seeds was empty, I remembered some other seeds from native plants and some annuals that I had tucked away, so I scattered them in various spots along with some poppy seeds I'd saved back. I even found a milkweed pod with lovely fat seeds attached to little silken parachutes. I pulled the seeds loose so they would stay where they were dropped, saving back half for a better spot in the butterfly garden.

No illusions as to the wildflower patch I planted. Bermuda and bahai grass will encroach as soon as summer comes. I've assured DH that he can mow if the flower patch goes weedy. Meantime, I hope there'll be some kind of show in early spring.

In the best world, there will be lots of blossoms and I'll only have to allow a path mown through the middle.


  1. Hi Nell ~ You've got me wanting to mix up a bowl of seeds to scatter around. A potpourri garden. Look forward to seeing your garden next year.


  2. Be sure to show us a picture of this bed no matter what you get.

    I inventoried all my seeds and could plant an acre field with them. I should do what you did and just broadcast them somewhere.

  3. That anonymous is me. Glenda
    I struggle with these blogs!

  4. Hi Nell,
    I've gotten behind in my blog reading. I agree with Glenda. I'd love to see progression pics of the area. I scattered seeds from packages and whole seedheads in my new bed. I also have some I didn't get put in that I'm thinking about putting on the melting snow.

    I just hope to get a variety to come up and bloom.

    Merry Christmas,


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