Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spring Promises

Calla lilies. Calla lilies in the garden have foliage almost this big. I'm hoping these will bloom in the greenhouse; those outside are in danger of being nipped back by cold.

Orange tulips peeking out of the soil. These were chilled for 10 weeks after potting up.

My bowl of purple hyacinths have green tips. I gave the rest away.


  1. Hi Jean, Good luck with all your plants. I'm sure the Calla Lily would bloom sooner as they look healthy and happy!

  2. The calla lilies in my garden (actually in the stream and waterfall) got nipped back as always, but are very healthy and happy and green. I never bother to pull them out of the water in the winter even though they can get encased with ice. The water never freezes since the pump keeps it recirculating.


  3. I use White Flower Farms pictures for inspiration too. I used to order from them a lot.

    I have never potted up bulbs for winter bloom; don't know why. I always think about that when I see what other do. Maybe next year.

    Yours all look very content in the inside home.



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