Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tour of the Pond and Woods

Lane suggested that I ride the four wheeler up to see how much water is in the pond since the last big rain. It was dry for almost two years in the drought. I came back for my camera.

From Foxes Earth II

This is his favorite view:
From Foxes Earth II

My favorite views include Spanish moss on ancient trees,
backlit by the sun:
From Foxes Earth II

See the whole Album here:
Foxes Earth II

Note the live oaks with tiny green leaves, Magnolias with huge green leaves, and Spanish moss.

I hope you enjoy the show, it was a marvelous ride. I flushed a covey of quail, but they don't hang around for photos. I had pics of open space.


  1. Very, very lovely. I hope the pond stays full now and no more droughts for Georgia or anywhere!

  2. I found your comment on Kanak's blog (I think) and decided to pay you a visit. Seems like we have the same fascination for the live oaks. They are magnificent!

  3. Beautiful trees! I am with you, I love that Spanish moss.

    Is the Magnolia in the wild?

    That looks like a good pond for an alligator. Be careful!

  4. Beautiful scenery! I love the moss on the oaks.


  5. I am happy to see your pond full, love the spanish moss on the trees too.

  6. Wonderful! What a lovely pond...and those trees, oh my!

    It sounds like the adventure of getting there, photographing, and enjoying it was as much fun as the view itself.


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