Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming Attractions

The Christmas Cactus has sweet little new leaves that start out pinkish and turn green as they mature. It seems happy in its new home.

Calla lilies are a heap of foliage right now. I hope for blooms soon so I can do my Kathryn Hepburn routine. The stragglers on either side are lemon grass, the only plant in here that Inky bothers. He adores lemon grass: to chew, to shred, to bat about.

Tulips look promising. I spied a bud yesterday, deep in the tallest foliage. The holiday catalog from White Flower Farm is open to pots of tulips and other pretties, imagining what I might grow next year inspired by their photos.


  1. It all seems to be coming out well. I can already see your spring garden coming out beautifully. Good luck!

  2. Your pots look so healthy and happy. You make me sorry I neglected to put some tulips in a pot this year. Because I've lost my auxiliary fridge, I no longer have a place to chill tulips. Until I fix that, I've decided not to plant in the beds...but I should have done a pot or two. I love tulips.

  3. I just adore your greenhouse, and look at you "tulips" ? Can't wait to see your blooms.

  4. Your plants look healthy still. Are you and Inky enjoying lunches in the greenhouse still?

    I found a pink blooming Christmas cactus after the holidays that has a few pink buds. They don't seem to be getting larger, though. The plant looks good still.

    Enjoy all your blooms!


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