Sunday, January 11, 2009

Favorite Purples

If I had bought or started plants and planted at the right time, Purple pansies would be again blooming in my garden as they did in 2004:

Purple tulips were a real show in March of 2004:

This year I planted orange tulips, in pots. Tulips require chilling and are treated as annuals here.

Purple Heart still grows at this corner, dormant for the winter now:

Cuttings of Persian Shield are in the greenhouse, as is the dark 'Black Magic' elephant ear. I've kept these plants going since 2005:


  1. I love pansies. Especially the purple ones look like kitten looking up at you with pouty faces! I too planted tulips that my sis got me. I hope they flower like yours!

  2. Great purples! One of my favorite colors (but, I have many).


    PS Sorry that I've not been by in awhile -- been sick. Hoping today will be better.

  3. Love the little purple viola's in first picture. I love all pansies..they smell so good when the sun hits them. I hope my tulips will work..I chilled them, but you never know till you see them poking up through the dirt! Fingers are crossed!

  4. Nell, I love the violets and tulips. I just don't plan ahead enough for the violets and I had to give up tulips! We have so many moles, voles, or whatever those little tunneling, hill mounding varmints are that I don't even get a fist year bloom.

    I must make a note to do violets! Yours are beautiful. I look longingly of combinations of purple and white tulips in the catalogs.....

  5. Do I see liriope, too, in the next to last pic? I enjoy seeing your flowers whatever season they bloom in.

  6. You see Sammy, Sue. Sammy Russell, an old, old, old landscape daylily that Mr. Russell named for his son Sam. It's a cute little scarlet that just blooms and blooms.


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