Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Look Back

I had not meant to review 2008 in the garden, but Sue mentioned a little structure and I thought to show how it looked, new.

Click to see the whole picture.

Cypress vine volunteered. I decided to leave it for the delight of the hummers. Four rebar posts and some trimmings off a redbud tree that I keep for cutting whips for various uses, along with some twine, fashioned a trellis of a sort. When the vines went to seed, I pulled them up and scattered them around the stick house you can see in the background. Maybe it will be covered in green, come summer.


  1. I admire your construction techniques and ambition; I can't seem to manage a few trellis's for the clematis! I have great plans, but now need to start implementing them.

  2. I see I have gotten further behind than I thought. Thanks for posting this. You know how I like both close ups and farther away pics! That is a cool structure.


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