Thursday, January 1, 2009

Plans for 2009

Stay healthy, spend wisely, find purpose.

'Little Gem' magnolia in the Upper Garden 12/20/08.

Much of this cold day was spent on organizing my pictures. Lots more to do, including backing up 2008 on a Flash Drive. They seem to pile up, photos. Tags are helpful in finding things.

I'm resolved enough to have a 12/20/08 photo from a vantage point for every flower bed. Some have multiple pics. When a bed makes a momentous change, I'll record it. No need to record the azalea walk again until the show in late March. Portions of the azalea walk have other showtimes, like gardenias in June. The pics are tucked away by garden area. I hope to find them again.


  1. I love that last comment of yours- "I hope to find them again." LOL, that is the way it is here. I have spent the entire day looking at papers that need a permanent home, and trying to organize pictures. My eyes are weary, and I am not nearly finished.

    Organizing them by garden area is a good idea- a VERY good idea! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. My photo organization got so much better when I was better about adding keywords. Now, I just search (an example) "fragrance garden" "shrubstrees" to see what photos I have.


  3. A couple years ago, when I switched to a computer my dad didn't want anymore, my husband did something and lost all the photos I had in my iphoto library. We had no backup. I am still sick about that. It took me no time to amass even more than I had before. I need to weed out my iphoto, but it's as hard as weeding out the things in my house, like Janie mentioned.

    That's a good looking tree, there.


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