Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cyclamen Sings a Siren Song

Beware of the Dog signs and House numbers were on my list. The garden department beckoned. I could not resist just one little lavendula plant from which to take cuttings to see if I can keep it alive in sandy soil. Just one pot of three snapdragons to join the ones already in the front rock bed. Some 'Dragon's Blood' sedum, in case I don't see that for sale later. I forget now why I need the maroon color.

There were great shelves of Cyclamen. Whooping big magenta and crimson and pink blossoms. I hunted around until I found one with little white blooms, lots of tiny buds. Why? They're the only fragrant ones out of that giant display, the little white ones. K-Mart used to have them at Valentine's. I always searched for the white. They bloom for a long time, then are dormant in summer.

I met up with a friend. She was buying snapdragons: yellow, and orange. She told me her sister Mae had died. She also said she'd seen bareroot roses at Walmart. Just 2, that was all I needed, both mauvy pink: Angel Face and Heirloom.

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