Friday, February 13, 2009

Garden Helpers

I really could use a strong back and an expert weeder. What I have is this:

She's very good at shredding. Today she overturned a pot of ginger and was chewing on it before I stopped her. All the toxic plants are on high shelves. The cat favors lemon grass, the dog likes tulips and ginger.

Puppy discovered the fountain in the greenhouse and like the cat, believes it was put there for her drinking pleasure. I took the fountain apart today and scrubbed out all the green stuff. It wasn't much for adding humidity was I'd hoped, and while I enjoy the sound of it, maybe pet water is its intended purpose.


  1. LOL! That pup is so sweet and adorable.

  2. Nice post. Some people ignore pets/children when
    creating a garden.
    That is the most fun, watching them enjoying it,
    even if plants once in a while get tramped.

    until then.

  3. She is really growing, and is soooo cute!

    We are supposed to get rain later today. I am off with my camera to take pictures.

    Happy Valentine's day.

    Did I tell you I found Chris (Shades of Idaho)?


  4. Your pup is very photogenic. The first picture has that innocent, "I didn't knock the pot over" look.

  5. I just found your blog and I too have a puppy! He is chewing everything - except the weeds. Mostly me.

  6. That puppy is so adorable, great pics of your garden helper ... :)

  7. I enjoyed your garden and Puppy. Thank you for your comment at Lily Valley. My mother-in-law was raised on a farm in Statesboro, GA. It is probably warmer than Indiana right now! Enjoy your day.

  8. I love seeing the puppy today. Animals are so curious about everything their owner does. They really are a lot of company.

  9. That is one cute canine. It would be hard to discipline one so cute even if they did damage the plantings. Enjoy puppyhood.

  10. What a cutie! Is she a cuddler?


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