Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heavenly Hyacinths

Hyacinths are blooming here, not all, just the earliest.

Blue Festival planted last fall after chilling are blooming.

China Pink planted in 2007 are blooming in the upper lawn oval border.

Forced mixed hyacinths are starting to bloom in the greenhouse. Pink are open; blue are in bud.
Notice there's a forced tulip about to open, too.

Buffy plays with a daffodil in a bed where hyacinths are just coming up.
More pictures of Buffy and Inky are here:
Buffy and Inky


  1. Nell,
    You have some pretty colors brightening up the yard, there. So, have you posted about Buffy before? Buffy looks pretty young. Tell us more.

  2. I saw a daffodil today down at the Coast. What a dream to see such a lovely so soon.


  3. I'm so jealous - we won't see hyacinths for two months yet!

  4. I have been cleaning my beds, removing weeds, weeds and MORE weeds. I am amazed at all the bulbs that are up, more amazed that so many are blooming or about to bloom! Spring must be almost here!

  5. Buffy looks happy with the colors popping out of the ground like we are!

  6. Oh I love your puppy ... so cute. I can smell those hyacinths, we are getting snow (again) and it is 14 degrees .. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your blooms :)


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