Monday, February 9, 2009

Planting Out

I planted the kniphofia sprouts I bought, in the South Rock bed. Only one looked like anything much. The 'Moonbeam' coreopsis went into to pots to grow on, tucked behind the greenhouse for now, with pine straw over them and the strawberries I potted up on Saturday.

A two foot dogwood (Cornus florida) grown from seed was transplanted to the former Red Bed. I grubbed up litter with mycorrhiza in it from under a mature dogwood to put on top the soil and mulched with pine straw.

I still have to run out and prune the Spirea bumalda which catch my eye every time I walk by and then promptly slip my mind before I go back. They have little red leaf buds forming and need the tops snipped off by about a third. I had thought to cut them to the ground, but now I'm impatient for those leaves to complement the burgundy pansies and pink hyacinths blooming now.

Purple daturas are coming up in the greenhouse. Many more seeds are begging to be planted....

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