Sunday, February 22, 2009

Then and Now: the Garden Grows

I found this picture of Ben and Sissy, DH's brother and sister,taken mid-1950's.

I went out and took a picture from the same perspective.

Many changes: The fence was taken down when the carport was added in 1963 and most of the present shrubs, including the camellias, were added in the next ten years. The old tractor shed was replaced after 1986. The Redbud tree planted itself about 1990.


  1. Oh, I just found your blog! I really love to look at old photos... they're wonderful in that they bring back fond memories!
    I've added your blog to my blog list.

  2. Awhile back, I asked my dad to find old pics that show his parents' garden, but so far, he hasn't found any. I love this one. Do you know what looks like it is getting ready to bloom to the left of your in-laws? The blooms almost look like peonies to me, but the leaves don't.

    I loved your daisy post, too, but the comment form didn't come up when I went to post a comment. I had to laugh, because just as I was thinking how much Buffie has won you over, you talked about her rolling in something and needing a bath. The lab we had before Heidi, Katie, used to have a nose for stinky things, and would wildly roll around on them. Well, it sounds like you have quite the helper!

  3. Wow - that's a big difference. Thanks for sharing this for the Gardening Gone Wild Design Workshop, Nell Jean.

  4. I can't imagine camellias as large as the ones you have! I can see bloom, but the in person view must be gorgeous! gail


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