Friday, March 27, 2009

And the Rains Came Tumbling Down

Before yesterday's rain, Buffie rolls down the hill between new foliage of Hydrangeas, toward a border of Stokesia.
Buffie checks out a bumblebee visiting 'Pink Ruffles' azaleas.

Yesterday we waited for rain, which finally came, a whole inch. Today the rain came again with winds, tornados to the north and south of us. Fallen petals form a carpet under the dogwood trees. I can hardly wait to see what quick growth emerges following the rains. There are still late planted lilies which have not yet emerged.

I planted little clumps of gladioli here and there earlier in the week: solid purple Flora and purple and yellow Comet. I had a careful list in my pocket of what went where. I always get the bags mixed up, not that it matters.

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  1. These two posts have delightful photos of the new puppy and new blooms. Your azaleas are fabulous, so full of blooms.


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