Thursday, March 12, 2009

Berms and Stones

Since I moved to the Flatlands, I seek out any stone and any elevation of earth that I can. This concave rock came from the field nearby. It was turned over; hardly inspiring. It sits like a misshapen bowl when turned the other way. I asked for some scoops of soil to shore it up. I added peanut hay to hold the dirt in place.

Now I'm planting. It's hardly inspiring as a work in progress, so I haven't made further pics since this December series when I made a reference photo for every garden bed.

When I divided the kniphofia, I placed one here. today I added 5 clumps of bulbine that carried over in the greenhouse. Below the Bulbine, I added some clumps of Purple Heart. Some of it had grown lanky, so I took new cuttings to encourage it to thicken up before it trails down the slope. I've marked spots for 3 clumps of Vetiver grass. Vetiver needs thinning elsewhere.

Such wonderful weather for planting out, with care to remember that we're not yet past the last frost dates (usual date and the REAL date).

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  1. glenda (gldno1)Friday, March 13, 2009

    Nell, you would go crazy in the Ozarks. We have rocks (not stones!) everywhere. Some are huge, some are small. Especially nice are the flat limestone pieces. I keep meaning to mine the creek bed for some....need to do it soon as my sister keeps reminding me and she is two years older than I.

    Enjoy your blog. You seem to be about one month ahead of me in planting things.


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