Saturday, March 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day


GBBD is tomorrow. Blooms are busting out all over, here. Nothing has reached that state of lushness that demands photographing.

  • White wisteria is nearly open, the first hanging bunches.
  • Azaleas are not quite open, more tight buds than not.
  • Daffodils are mostly on the way out, except for Thalia and Hawera, which are just showing color and an occasional bloom.
  • Peaches are blooming, pears have some blooming limbs, not a big show yet.
  • Loropetalum is nice. Better in person.
  • Oh, the lilies coming out of the ground! No buds yet.
  • Hyacinths have mostly passed their prime, except for a few fat blue stems. You've seen them already.
  • I planted out two big pots of wax begonia in full bloom. I ruined their photogenic potenial when I took cuttings to root.
  • Dogwoods are white, but not fully open for the big show with the azaleas.

    If you were here, I could show you all kinds of neat things.
    Happy Bloom Day, tomorrow.

    1. Well, everything seems to be showing up in your garden. We can wait for the Spring photos! Good luck with the blooms

    2. Happy bloom day. I'm a fan of the candytuff.

    3. "Peaches are blooming" - that most smell lovely.

    4. Looks like you'll have some great things to show very soon once the buds unfurl. I like your "Better in person" comment. I'd guess most plants are this way, but it's also nice to relive them in other people's gardens. Thanks for sharing the iberis and your list.

    5. It sounds very pretty there! I bet the dogwoods and azaleas look amazing together, can't wait to see them!

    6. The white on the Candytuft is so clean and bright. I think it jumps out and shines.

    7. I like your list. I bet you'll have lots of blooms next month.

    8. I see you have some lilies. I live in about the same zone and conditions that you are in. What types of lilies do best for you? The orientals that I have tried have pretty much disappeared after the first year. Do you have some special tips?


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