Sunday, March 1, 2009

I get excited when the daffodils bloom. Actually, except for the new bulbs, which are mostly just now peeking out of the ground, I could just use previous years' pictures. Here's a sample of this years' early blooms.

Juanita, a shy bloomer

Pink Charm just starting to bloom, with Sailboat

Yellow Trumpets in the Rock Beds

Tete a Tete


  1. I love your property and those daffodils! Is that Queen Anne's lace coming up near the daffs?

  2. Not Queen Anne's lace, some other little wilding that has tiny white blossoms, similar to coriander.

    We get a lot of late winter weeds that die off when the sun gets hot. I pull what I can and ignore the rest.

  3. I'm lovin' 'em! Your daffodils! Can they be used in bouquets? How long do they last once removed from ground?

  4. Oh how wonderful it must be to experience daffodils every spring. Those are beautiful. My favorite is Pink Charmer.

    You have a fantastic place, with beautiful gardens all over.


  5. I've developed a new love for daffodils recently. They're coming up all around the yard now. Beat the tulips this year.

  6. I love the daffodils.
    Beautiful images.

    Thanks for putting them up for us to look at
    Aanee xxx
    Flower Delivery Dublin


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