Monday, March 16, 2009

Persian Shield

Collage of 2004 pics; click for larger view.

Time to move cuttings from the greenhouse, once spaces are planned in the flower beds. Persian Shield looked shabby all winter. Once the days lengthened, it began to put on new growth. Some of the pieces bloomed, something not usually seen in the garden.

I searched 2004 pics for the combinations I tried that year, when I first planted strobilanthes. There's a whole row of plants. I want it better distributed among suitable companions. Pictured are some of my favorite combos, with reds, pinks and blues.

The first place I'm planting Persian Shield is among blue hydrangea bushes.


  1. I love your combies. good luck with this spring being more colorful and cheerful. Happy Gardening!

  2. I love this plant. I've only grown it in containers. I think it would look fantastic with blue hydrangeas.


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