Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'd much rather plant where flowers are to grow and bloom. Tropicals require starting early, however, so they have more time to bloom once the weather gets really warm.

Today I spotted the ferny leaves of Pride of Barbados in one of the cells where I planted those seeds. Some agastache, or snapdragons, too tiny yet to identify which, sprinkled themselves over into the Pride of Barbados cells. They will require plucking out and potting up elsewhere.

Purple datura is growing like the weed it is. There is a bare spot out front that can accomodate at least 4, maybe more. Candlesticks are slowly appearing. I gave up on the dark sedum seeds, bought a nice full pot and stuck cuttings into those cells.

I keep pulling off rooted pieces of things while I'm grooming bed. They're too precious just to toss, so I have little cuttings rooting here and there: a bit of oregano, more dianthus, rosemary that I clipped to flavor potatoes and had two springs left.

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  1. Hi Nell,
    I have some seeds started inside, too, but decided to plant some of the seeds in the ground rather than have more little ones than I can handle.


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