Friday, March 27, 2009

What Blooms Next?

'George Tabor' azalea on left; 'Pink Pearl' on right

As the rain pelted the garden this morning, I pondered on the next shrubs to bloom. Still blooming with the Azaleas are Tea Olive and Loropetalum. They've been joined by Spirea, Sweet shrub (Calycanthus) and Philadelphus. Mock Orange will take up where the dogwoods leave off, with another month of white blossoms. Soon to bloom will be Oakleaf Hydrangeas, from which I hope to coax rebloom by deadheading the blooms instead of leaving them to dry.

Summer's blooming shrubs include Vitex, Hydrangea, Gardenia and Roses. Killed to the ground, Tecoma stans will be returning with its yellow bells and I hope to see Pride of Barbados return as well. I started seeds, just in case. Loropetalum will rebloom in August, a good choice for gardeners to zone 7 whose soil is not tolerated by Azaleas.

There are others from which to choose; these are just some of my favorites.


  1. Your summer garden sounds great. great choices. I was over at the nursery yesterday and laid my eyes on the gardenia. After reading so many posts about the beauty of gardenia, I wanted one, but the woman at nursery said it grows really huge and wasn't sure if it can be grown in pot. So I'd appreciate your input - can they be grown in pots (Eyes closed, palms enjoined, praying, "Tell me, ti can be. tell me, it can be...!"

  2. Buffy looks to be such a sweetie, and full of energy! I love all the blooms on your shrubs, and your daffodils.

    Your new header photo is pretty, too.


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