Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dianthus for Butterflies

Azaleas are about spent, except for 'Alabamense' native. Poppies and roses are blooming, neither of which attract butterflies. The main attraction here is dianthus, both Sweet William and Bath's Pink. Three spicebush swallowtails were nectaring on this patch of Bath's Pinks this morning. Dianthus will hold us over until blossoms of Silene and Verbena bonariensis, which will bloom soon.


  1. I wintersowed pinks this year. Can't wait to see them bloom next spring. I really like watching the progression you get in your gardens. It gives me lots of ideas for things I can grow too.

  2. I recently saw a swallowtail here too, only I couldn't capture it. That's a beautiful bed, Nell.

  3. Nell, I love the naturalistic look of your kind of gardening!

    No butterflies overcast 54° with a drizzly rain falling.

    I can almost smell the pinks.


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