Monday, April 27, 2009

Lemon Grass

Pentas and Lemon Grass with Butterflies
Pentas and Lemon Grass with Butterflies, last August

Cymbopogon is one of the grasses I like to grow; no seeds, no mess, just pretty blue-green foliage in a bed with roses and pentas. I kept some sprigs potted up in the greenhouse in winter for the delight of Ike the Cat, who liked to chew on Lemon Grass when he went there to nap. I planted out the potted ones today.


  1. Hi Nell, does your Lemon Grass smell nice? Here we have a kind of LG that smell nice and we use it a lot in our cooking.
    We also use it as home remedy for a cold: cut a bundle of LG into small chunks (about 3-5 inches), put all in a pan, add water, bring to boil, then place your face over the pan (like you were looking into the pan) and sniff the aroma that comes out with the vapor. You will soon feel better :-)

  2. I think this is the same Lemon Grass, Xuan. The young Hispanic woman who shared it with me said they used it for tea.

  3. I love tea with a drop of lemon grass oil in it. Now I see where that delicious aroma comes from.

  4. Lemon grass_ah ha! When I first started my vegetable gardens someone gave me a lemon grass plant. It went into the 4x8 raised bed. By the end of the year it had taken over the bed and was an incredible struggle to remove. Its roots took every scrap of soil in the bed. There was very little left! One tough plant. It is wonderful for cooking but next time I would plant it in a pot where it can be restrained. I hope yours behaves itself.


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