Friday, April 24, 2009

Nacogdoches and other Rose Delights

Once called 'Nacogdoches,' renamed by TAMU as 'Grandma's Yellow Rose' and known to us as the 'Chicken Rose,' it's a beauty.

This is 'Angel Face' -- I think. If not it's 'Heirloom.'

Rose de Rescht, very fragrant and finally blooming.


  1. The color of the Angel Face is so pretty? Does it smell lovely too?

  2. I surely am taking a liking to Nacogdoches or whatever the name of the yellow rose is!

  3. Never before have I seen such dark colored rose - Angel Face. Do all those roses smell good?

  4. Rose de Rescht has a strong fragrance that can be noticed from several feet away. If you handle the leaves, it leaves a scent of black pepper.

    Angel Face is fragrant, up close.

    The yellow Chicken Rose (Nacogdoches) is not very fragrant.


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