Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now that April's Here

Ike investigates something under a camellia. The last of the camellia blossoms will soon be gone, with the onset of warm weather.

Azalea plans include lots of pruning this year. Next fall's plans include 2 or 3 times more violas than this year, and all in bright colors.

Last spring was dry. This year we're getting wonderful rain, with accompanying storms. In the past week, we've had better than 7 inches of rain. The upper garden flooded twice, but the water quickly drains away, soaking into the earth.


  1. More rain and water means fresh garden! Good luck with this Spring!

  2. All that rain will be a good start to your next season of gardening. The row of blooming shrubs along the driveway look beautiful.

  3. Yes, that rain will be much appreciated by your plants. Your place looks to be in full spring beauty!


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