Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peace, Joy and Love

'Peace' rose was introduced during the era in which I was born. Later a climbing sport was identified, which is what I grow. I have to choose whether to hack back the grapes, or hard prune the roses, as they share an arbor.


  1. Whoa! Those Roses look wonderful! I'm sure they're special as they were introduced the same era as you're born! Cool!

  2. LOL, the children used to ask, when I said I was born during the War, "Mama, was it the American Civil War?

    The Peace Rose came out of World War II. It has to be a good rose, to remain popular for so many years.

  3. My mom has a Peace rose that makes beautiful blooms. Is the climbing variety more disease resistant than the bush variety?

  4. I used to walk over to the elementary school behind my house and smell of their peace roses. The perfume was heavenly. Yours are absolutely beautiful.


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